Style guides galore

I offer copy editing and proofreading services and I edit a wide variety of documents. I work with individuals, small businesses, and large companies to polish manuals, training guides, reports, marketing materials, and other professional documents.

I am also an experienced academic editor and can work with most subject matter. I have edited for ESL and non-native writers as well as in Britsh English.

I edit documents for clarity, comprehension, and consistency. I ensure grammatical accuracy and correct punctuation. I strive to keep my edits in the same voice as the author, while enhancing the message and flow of the copy.


I write informational and compelling web content with an intent to boost search engine results using the latest guidelines for Seach Engine Optimization. I've written landing pages with some marketing touches for various local companies as well as email content, press releases, and blog posts.

I also have a knack for writing technical content, and synthesizing technical information into digestible content for general audiences. 

Writing can be an aggravating process of researching, typing, deleting, lots more typing and deleting, and probably a coffee break before inspired prose reaches your screen, so let me help you out with some of that work. I have ample experience and tricks in my arsenal to create fresh, bright copy for my clients. 


Need an index created? I do that too! Indexes are a crucial tool to many readers and they have been shown to increase book sales. Great indexes will reflect the author's tone and terminology as well as make the information in the book easily accessible to its readers.

I have created indexes for manuals, catalogs, and books and I have the experience and skill to be a thorough and efficient indexer. It takes a discerning eye and a quickly working mind to read a text and identify the key concepts as well as the more subtle themes that connect throughout the book. Those concepts and themes must then be thoughtfully constructed into an index that will best serve the readers. 

Creating an index is a bit of an art, a bit of judicious choices, and lot of careful and fasitidious work!